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Texas Youth Rodeo Association

The Texas Youth Rodeo Association (TYRA) 501 (C) (3)  is a family oriented organization that strives to produce youth rodeos that support and promote the sport of youth rodeo throughout Texas.   There were ten (11) scholarships awarded for the year, for a total of $11,000.00 for their continued education.  In the past twelve years TYRA has given out 157 scholarships totaling $200,250.00.

TYRA PRESENTED THE YEAR END ALL AROUND CHAMPIONS – a briefcase with $5,000 and Kelly Slover Signature Buckle.

Flying J Saddlery Saddles were awarded to each Year End Event winner and each Final Event winner – also the Finals All Around in all age groups.  Buckles were given 2nd through 6th in each event for the Year End winners.

The Tyra Directors for the 2024 Season Are:

  • Ross Ivey, President
  • Sean Clements, Vice President
  • Ann Wentzel, Secretary
  • Juan Garcia, Treasury
  • Andy Avelar, Board Member
  • Joey Gonzales, Board Member

  • Kim Mansel, Board Member

  • Don Eller, Board Member
  • Freddy Nieto, Board Member
  • Austin Taylor, Board Member

  • Cody Leopold, Board Member


We are really excited about 2024!  We will have 2 benefits as always and those will not count towards your rodeo counts but the points will be used (please read below on points distribution change).  This year our calendar will have 16 rodeos on the schedule – with those 16 rodeos you will be able to attend all of them, BUT you will need to designate the 10 you will run for points at.  On your entry blank you will be given the option to jackpot or count for points when you enter (you must designate before the rodeo and it will be all the events in that rodeo).  Remember to making the top 25 in your event you will also need to participate in at least 6 of the 16 club rodeos in order to participate at the finals.  We are also excited about rolling out an online entry very soon.
  • Rough Stock: Due to no participation in past couple of years we are doing away with rough stock.
  • On Friday night of the finals (August 2, 2024) we will be having the annual scholarship dance, we encourage TYRA alumnae to PLEASE ATTEND –  Mark your calendars now and spread the word.
  • The TYRA Board: would like to thank the Parents and sponsors for their help and support throughout the year.  Without you, TYRA success would not be possible!  Thanks!!
  • The TYRA Corporate Secretary: is Brittany Brunner, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact her at  713-882-5589 or any board member.


  • You may team rope twice the same way, example head twice or heel twice, but not switch ends – this is the only way we can continue offering courtesy runs (so you could enter once with a partner and your second run you could ask for courtesy or both runs you can ask for a courtesy)
  • Goat tying – we will be changing the goat every 3 runs, if the horse crosses over the rope or goat, or if the contestant’s horse comes in contact with the goat or rope prior to the contestant signaling for time, a ten (10) second penalty will be assessed.
  • Breakaway catch as catch can – the calf’s head must pass through the loop. The loop must draw up on any part of the calf’s body behind the head.
  • TYRA in the raffle tickets will continue requiring that each contestant sell $200 worth of tickets.
  • TYRA will continue in giving cash prizes to the 3 top sellers – 1st - $300, 2nd - $200, 3rd - $100.
  • Yearly memberships will be $100 per contestant
  • In case of tie for the YEAR END ALL AROUND – we will break the tie with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. from the finals if we still can not break we will flip – the one that does not get the top prize they will receive a saddle.
  • ADULT MEMBERSHIPS – will be available at $5.00 per adult. You asked we listened – with this membership you will be able to come to the annual meetings and vote – in the past it was just the clubs that could vote and we basically had no participation – WE WILL LISTEN!
  • In the ribbon roping the team must be coed – girl roper – boy runner and/or boy roper – girl runner

Mission Statement

The TYRA has always understood that education is vital to the American agriculture industry. So an innovative TYRA Executive Committee began to think about encouraging its members to continue their interest in the sport of rodeo and agriculture by pursuing agricultural careers in college.

Therefore, the Texas Youth Rodeo Association Scholarship Fund was born. Each year our graduating seniors are awarded scholarships based on their academics, community service and essay. Our scholarships are represented currently by members in 15 colleges and universities throughout Texas.

TYRA recognizes that many young people and educators today come from urban backgrounds and have little knowledge of the opportunities available to them in the sport of rodeo and the world of agriculture. Our goal is to promote awareness of such programs.

TYRA has a rich tradition and history of stewardship to the community, agriculture industry and youth of Texas. With a clear vision of the future, a successful past and continual dedication from the TYRA and its members the TYRA will continue to be a pillar of strength and support to the youth of Texas.

The TYRA is committed to the betterment of the community and furthering the organization’s mission: “Helping Youth Today So That The Sport Of Rodeo and Agriculture Can Grow Tomorrow.”

Our Sponsors


Brittany Brunner
Cell: 713-882-5589
17631 Cochran Road
Hempstead, TX 77445